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A social media platform for artists to grow more organically. Collect content from all over the internet and create interactive spaces to keep your audience engaged.

Check it out at

Key Features:

  • Coded Angular application using HTML and Typescript

  • Designed backend on Firebase for manual user sign-ups and google sign-up.

  • Implemented automatic emailing on sign-up.

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Low cost BiPAP Ventilator

A BiLevel Positive Air Pressure (BiPAP) ventilator is a noninvasive method for treating lower respiratory illnesses.

Our team created a low-cost BiPAP ventilator prototype for Dr. Mobola Kukoyi, MD, and her company OKHealth, LLC to help less-economically developed countries.

Key Features:

  • Designed an axial compressor to achieve variable pressure outputs of 5 cm H 0 and 20 cm H 0.

  • Calculated the required flow rate using fluid dynamics principles 

  • Implemented a rotor and stator impeller pair to increase the output pressure by 30%

  • Increased pressure output by 5 times compared to the older prototype. 



Snippet is a social media platform where every post can be collected by a limited number of users and then used as badges/stickers on Snippet.

Check it out at

Key features:

  • Fully functional web-based social media application 

  • Coded in Angular using HTML and Typescript

  • Secured frontend with 2048 key SSL and authentication guards

  • Secured backend with rules for authorized CRUD of data

  • Automated image and video optimization using Node JS, and achieved a 77% size reduction for images and streaming for videos.

An inverted pendulum control system that uses the reacting torque from a turning wheel to stabilize in an unstable equilibrium position with swing-up control.

Key features:

  • Modeled a non-linear system for the RWP 

  • Implemented a PD controller with friction compensation to control the reaction wheel's angular velocity

  • Designed a three-state feedback system and used MATLAB to place poles on the OLHP and calculate the system's coefficients

  • Used a decoupled observer to improve performance by 58% 

A python-based web crawler that scrapes the internet to extract publically available information of artists, including, name, email, and location.  

Key features:

  • Coded the script using Scrapy, an open-source framework, to find, extract, and export data 

  • Extracted data of 1,000,000 artists at 777 items per minute (limited only by memory) but has the potential to extract data of millions of artists

  • Implemented a request management system that asynchronously finds and queues new web pages, thus, allowing the script to start from a single page and schedule constantly increasing requests

  • Used a breadth-first searching algorithm to prioritize user information requests, allowing faster extraction of required data

  • Hosted on Scrapy Cloud for a completely Cloud-based solution


A kinetic sculpture that produces intermittent and continuous motion. The sculpture is supposed to create interest for STEM in children by combining the fun nautical theme while still showcasing different mechanisms. Best of all: IT DISPENSES CANDY!

Key features:

  • Completely mechanical: creates intermittent motion from continuous input

  • Uses a bevel gearbox to distribute the motion along all 3 axes.

  • Includes a cam and follower mechanism, scotch yoke mechanisms, and a hopper and dispensing system

  • Designed in CREO parametric and rapid-prototyped using 3D printing, laser cutting 

  • Handmade ship: split between a wooden aesthetic side and a transparent side to showcase the mechanisms

  • Handmade clay figurines each representing different team members

  • A cannon that drops candy "cannonballs" into the ocean

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